Running gitomail, without arguments, shows the available command line options. This documentation here covers the highlights among the supported modes.

The auto-mailer command

The auto-mailer command responsible for sending emails, when Gitomail is installed in server settings.

When running gitomail auto-mailer for the first time in a repository, Gitomail does nothing, and only saves a reference point for further executions.

$ gitomail auto-mailer
Initial save of ref map. Will start tracking refs from now (this may take awhile)
Relating commits to refs

Later, when executed periodically, the command tracks ref changes in the local repository. According to configuration, it will send emails when changes are detected.

$ gitomail auto-mailer
Relating commits to refs
Ref heads/master: creating summaries
Ref heads/master: creating emails
  Formatting 35b713e88688e8bca6840bab2fa7597a59214458
  Formatting 79fccc22f8594cf1bd21bd52202c0add45f30cc1
  Formatting ee223f192987668121abf16a9cf1681ff47fdbfd
  Formatting c8978f3073c62d3e5972deaac998a21def4d70ee
  Formatting a81bf0acb4ec12178f3045ea8e73eb2f1b3174fd
  Formatting 33ac8a455e29766fe1478e0057b85488fbc49e71
  Formatting 0e8eb5974f47fbd72c637335d3991f454998e3dc
  Formatting b0dca7df31e08f4dede0d0b6f13f2559d99b1e49
  Formatting cef53ef7945dbdac38b4b65ce767b82e07917f94
  Formatting f2245253fe77cff4f2898f46fafb135d36a47854
Sending emails!
  Sending '[gitomail] master branch added 10 commits: d6cd759c8..f2245253f'
  Sending '[gitomail master 35b713e88, #1] Documentation work'
  Sending '[gitomail master 79fccc22f, #2] Documentation: Basic intro'
  Sending '[gitomail master ee223f192, #3] doc: Plain Text E-Mails rather than ASCII'
  Sending '[gitomail master c8978f307, #4] Documentation: install.md'
  Sending '[gitomail master a81bf0acb, #5] Documentation fixes'
  Sending '[gitomail master 33ac8a455, #6] 'Email' is the established shortname for 'Electronic Mail''
  Sending '[gitomail master 0e8eb5974, #7] Email - capitalication only when needed'
  Sending '[gitomail master b0dca7df3, #8] Spelling for Webmail'
  Sending '[gitomail master cef53ef79, #9] Documentation: partially write config.md'
  Sending '[gitomail master f2245253f, #10] Documention: config.md roundup'

Gitolite integration

The integration folder, installed with Gitomail, or taken from its source tree, contains an example on how to run Gitomail on a Gitolite server.