Recommended Gmail filters

If a mailing list is configured as a recipient for all code changes, it is recommended to use Gmail's filtering so that emails not directly addressed to you (via To: or Cc) are skipped from the inbox. This way you can paicipiate in discussions on all code, but these discussions get prioritized if they involve code under your maintainership.

Also, for duplicate commits, the flag InexactDiffDup can be used in the filtering so that emails for duplicate diffs also skip the inbox and marked as read.

The next three filter descriptions can be used as template to accomplish both targets. To add each of them, take the string in Matches: into Gmail's search, and when instructed to create 'a filter like this', follow with the list under Do this:.

Matches: from:( -{ InexactDiffDup}
Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "Code Review"

Matches: from:( to:( -InexactDiffDup
Do this: Apply label "Code Review"

Matches: from:( InexactDiffDup
Do this: Skip Inbox, Mark as read, Apply label "Code Review"